Mathematics of cities and corporations

"William Penn was a Quaker and when King Charles II gave him a large piece of his land holdings in America, Penn created the colony of Pennsylvania and grounded it in the notions of tolerance and religious freedom. Instead of limiting Pennsylvania to Quakers, they welcomed all comers. And the result was that Philadelphia became the fastest growing city in America with a vibrant economy and lifestyle."

A VC: Tolerance and Prosperity

A bold move … (via Business in Rwanda: Africa’s Singapore? | The Economist)
"Chinese policymakers are no longer satisfied with the country’s position as the world’s manufacturer. Their solution is to break Beijing’s dependence on foreign technology, moving from a model of “made in China” to one of “innovated in China.”"

China’s Innovation Wall | Foreign Affairs

"Unilever “will be investing more in media” spending, Mr. Weed said, declining to be specific; the company spends more than $6.6 billion a year on advertising. The mix will include more ads in digital and social media as those media continue to gain favor with consumers, he added, because “we fish where the fish are.” Unilever is buying ad space from companies like Apple and Facebook."

Marketing Budgets Rise for Some Giants as Outlook Improves - NYTimes.com



Two pieces in the NY Times raise serious questions about China and its pivotal position in the world economy:

China Takes New Step to Prime Its Slowing Economy - David Barboza via NYTimes.com — China cuts the reserve ratio requirement for the biggest Chinese banks to 20.5% from 21%, hoping…

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"Adulthood delayed, perspectives on Pinterest and BYOD"

— Yet another … Weekly Roundup: Adulthood delayed, perspectives on Pinterest and BYOD | JWT Intelligence

Equatorial Guinea (via BBC News - In pictures: Equatorial Guinea’s oil makeover)