"Dial-up Internet Nostalgia (aka the Old Aesthetic)"

Google BBS Terminal (Party like its 1989)


Eli Pariser asks, Is Internet filtering becoming a form of censorship?

"A squirrel dying in your front yard may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa."

-Marc Zuckerberg

For more on the effect of algorithms on our lives watch this video by Kevin Slavin.


How Bing Beats Google

I’ll be the first to admit, any claim that a competitor might ‘beat’ Google in the search engine market automatically qualifies a post as an exercise in hyperbole. Nonetheless, a recent Search Engine Land blog post examines some areas of innovation where Bing may potentially outstrip Google.

Those who know me (or my opinion-based content here) know that I tend to favor Google, the practical monopoly that may or may not be evil. However, there are various competitors who have truly stepped up their game in recent months. It’s easy for me to say that, yes, Yahoo does entertainment better, Bing knows its sports, and Blekko is onto something with its human curation. One other area where Bing has beaten Google soundly is in the smartphone search app division; while Google essentially links their search page, Bing has an optimized application. Now Bing has released a similar app for iPads, too, showing up Google once again.

Without a doubt, Google will continue to innovate and be competitive with its social and mobile integration. Still, the idea of Google’s competitors carving out niches on new platforms is an interesting tangent.

When you get away from competing with Google as a traditional search engine there’s a lot of room to innovate. For instance, does anyone dominate the augmented reality search market? Is there potential for a mass market version of a ‘computation’ engine like Wolfram Alpha?